What Services Are Available Through A Local Dentist

Posted by on 2. 10. 2020

Dental patients need professional dental services to maintain proper oral care and hygiene. Dental professionals perform a variety of services to prevent tooth loss and gum disease. Local dental professionals present patients with extraordinary services for all their oral care needs.

Annual Examinations and X-Rays

Annual examinations and x-rays provide the patients with a chance to determine if they have any tooth or gum damage. The dental professional reviews the patient’s teeth completely and explains how to correct adverse conditions. X-rays are often completed during the annual examination to determine if there is any underlying damage to the teeth. When assessing damaged teeth, x-rays can help the dentist determine if the damage has spread to the root.

Semi-Annual Cleaning Opportunities

Semi-annual cleaning opportunities eliminate bacteria, plaque, and debris from the tooth enamel. The hygienist uses specialized tools to remove the debris and uncover a beautiful smile. The cleaning process should be completed at least twice a year. However, patients with advanced periodontal disease will need to undergo cleaning procedures more often. Dental patients who want to learn more about the semi-annual cleanings can visit for more details now.

Restoring Damaged Smiles

Restoring damaged smiles helps the patient regain their self-confidence and achieve a better smile. Dental professionals correct everything from cavities to complex breaks. Dentists use composite resin to fill in cavities and restore the tooth surface. Dental bonding is used to reconstruct severely damaged teeth and correct the smile.

Extracting Wisdom Teeth

Extracting wisdom teeth eliminates pain and swelling after the teeth erupt through the gum line. For many patients, wisdom teeth can become infected and present dangerous circumstances. Dental professionals treat the infection before performing the extraction. Some patients require oral surgery to remove the tooth effectively.

Dental patients review dental services to determine what options manage their current concerns. Dental professionals complete services such as annual examinations, cleanings, and restorative services. They also provide extractions for teeth that are too damaged and must be removed to prevent surrounding tooth damage. Dental patients who want to learn more about the services contact a dental professional and schedule an appointment today.