We have a hero at work

Posted by on 4. 5. 2019

My colleague from work has always been a veľký Športovec. Every night he goes on regular behať so Svojou Priateľkou, veľa Jazz on the bicycle and in winter turn on the Bežka. In the minulom of the year so Bol to Vo Fínsku with Partiou Kamarátov. Dokonca SA participated in the whole race of Jizerská Päťdesiatka in our country. He did not win the sidecin, but the Napriek was very polite. But we do not go to work in the športovom, but wear a košeľu and a suit with a tie. The client must be professionally trained.
Fashion Pre-šport i voľný time
But the Keď has a voľno wearing a cycling jersey or an operating type of šport clothing. He often buys in the Obchodoch Ako is a craft, where he comes to a wide-spread offer functional bielizne and Ďalšieho dressed. Ako the Bežec after must be deleted.