Tips to Care for Dental Implants

Posted by on 14. 9. 2020

When someone has one or more missing teeth, there is a good chance they want to have the problem corrected as soon as possible. For those who feel that way, they have several options. They can choose dentures or dental implants.

While dentures are a viable option, many people are choosing implants because of the main benefits they offer, which can be found out about by visiting For those who decide that implants are a smart option, use the tips here to ensure they last as long as possible.

Avoid Hard or Sticky Foods

If someone with dental implants eats hard or sticky foods, it can cause serious damage to the implants. Also, these foods can cause damage to the teeth nearby, too. Some of the foods that should be avoided after getting implants includes ice, steak, caramel, apples, dried fruit, carrots, hard candies, potato chips, and potato chips. When someone avoids these foods, the dental implants will remain healthy.

Avoid Alcohol or Smoking

It is smart to avoid alcohol and smoking for a person’s health in general. However, it is especially important these substances are avoided when dental implants are in place. It is important to remember that dental implants take approximately six months to heal.

If someone smokes during this time, it can be especially detrimental and damaging. It is also best to avoid drinking alcohol, as this can also slow down the healing process of dental implants.

Schedule Regular Dental Visits

Dental implants will help someone improve their smile; however, they are not a solution for all dental hygiene issues. While it depends on a person’s oral health, they should plan to visit the dentist at least two times per year. With proper dental care and regular visits to the dentist, the dental implants will be able to last a person’s lifetime.

When it comes to dental implants, there are more than a few factors that should be considered. Being informed and knowing what to do to protect a person’s oral health is essential. Use the tips here to make sure implants last as long as possible.