Things to Avoid After Oral Surgery

Posted by on 12. 2. 2021

There are countless people who undergo oral surgery each year. The goal of these surgical procedures is to help with pain, alleviate some type of serious dental issue, or provide another benefit. While oral surgery is common, some mistakes may be made that can lead to serious issues during the recovery process. To help simplify the healing process while reducing pain and discomfort, make sure the following mistakes are not made.

Mistake: Smoking

One of the worst things a person can do while recovering from oral surgery is smoking. During recovery, blood clots form. This is what helps control the bleeding. If the patient smokes, it may disrupt this blood clotting, which can cause a dry socket. This is a very painful condition.

Also, conditions of dry socket will not be easy to alleviate with pain medicine. The use of tobacco products, including cigarettes, cigars, and chewing tobacco, will all slow down the healing process. This is why all tobacco products should be avoided while recovering.

Mistake: Not Rinsing the Mouth Properly

To ensure proper healing and to achieve better oral health, it is necessary to rinse the mouth as the dentist has advised. Make sure to rinse with salt and warm water a few times a day. Doing this each time something is eaten or drank will be effective. With proper and regular rinsing, it is possible to control swelling and pain while helping with the healing process.

Mistake: Exercising

A huge mistake that many people make after oral surgery is engaging in exercise or strenuous activity during the recovery period. Be sure to let the body rest. If energy-demanding activities are done, it could disturb the extraction site. Be sure the bleeding and swelling have subsided entirely before starting up a fitness regimen again.

When it comes to oral surgery, some people don’t think that a recovery period is even necessary. This simply isn’t the case, and it is possible to learn more about this by taking time to visit this podcast. By taking time to recover and avoiding the mistakes mentioned above, anyone can heal faster and get back to normal, day-to-day life. If mistakes are made, healing may be significantly delayed, and other issues may arise.