Sophisticated Materials and Tools Support Dentists in Their Restorative Work

Posted by on 2. 10. 2020

A chipped or cracked tooth used to be something to live with, but that is no longer the case. Dentists can now repair many types of dental damage, often restoring teeth to virtually perfect condition. As those who seek more information about the options will discover, there are a wide range of materials and tools that make such impressive restorative procedures possible.

Dentists Use Advanced Materials and Equipment to Restore Damaged Teeth

Even people who take great care of their teeth sometimes run into problems. A tooth that has seen better days will often look the part while also being less functional than it once was.

Dentists can now successfully resolve many problems of this general kind. One of the reasons why they have become so adept at restoring damaged teeth is that they have some advanced resources at their disposal. Some of the supplies and types of equipment that dentists now often use in the course of restorative work are:

  • Resins. A resin is a substance that turns into a resilient polymer once it cures. Polymers are made up of long, repeating chains of atoms that bind tightly together. A number of resins are now regularly used by dentists to attach other materials to teeth. As an especially rugged, strong, long-lasting sort of glue, a resin can easily prove perfect for restorative work.
  • Composites. Some pure materials are naturally suited to certain purposes, but combining several into a single mixture can be even more appropriate. Dentists now make liberal use of composites that have been formulated to work very well in the hostile, demanding environment of the mouth. A properly installed composite veneer or the like can be almost as long-lasting as the natural surface of a tooth.
  • Lasers. A laser produces an intense, highly focused beam of energy that can be directed with great precision. That turns out to be perfect for quite a few dental procedures, many of them restorative in nature.

Many More Ways to Repair Damage to Teeth

Advanced materials and tools like these help many dentists perform restorative work that benefits patients greatly. The field of dentistry has been virtually transformed by the introduction and adoption of such options.