Temporary and permanent residence

Posted by on 4. 5. 2019

Looking for some place where you could stay all year round? You do not want to live in one place, but would you like to try what it is to live somewhere else? If so, then you should look from the offer of mobile homes, which are really an interesting option to live. They will offer you real luxury, but also the warmth when it is most needed, in winter. Therefore, it is not enough to wonder how this great option for living. So choose an object and start enjoying yourself.
It's not complicated at all
Everyone can afford this type of housing, for many reasons. Not only is it not expensive at all, but it is mainly luxurious when you choose some quality type of house. It only depends on you what you choose, in any case you will be able to look forward to your new mobile home.

Listen to music that doesn’t have an error

Posted by on 4. 5. 2019

Are you looking for a radio that will offer you a great portion of Czech music all day, information service in the form of news, current weather forecast, traffic situation and interesting topics of the day? Radio Impuls can afford you all this and much more.
The radio should not be missing in any car, in the kitchen, in the garden and wherever it is simply needed. When listening to the radio, everything is done better and you have a cheerful mood thanks to the great Czech songs that flow up to you. The Impuls radio is available to you all day, and also gives you an unlimited portion of fabulous entertainment all day.
Czech hits
Do you prefer to listen to classic Czech hits than songs of foreign music scene? So the Pulse radio is the best thing you can tune in. Listen to Czech songs and enjoy the right well-being.

After-warranty service

Posted by on 4. 5. 2019

Today's employment sessions are rightly placed with high demands. Offices, meeting rooms, as well as Home Office and Children's room. For all cases we have quality tested office chairs, armchairs and chairs for you.
Office Chairs

When choosing, we recommend focusing on quality. Sitting in the office should be both comfortable and movable. Special office chairs are of varying size and carrying capacity. They are upholstered in all colors or combined with a special elastic mesh. They allow for comfort and movement during prolonged sessions.
Healthy Sitting

Chairs from a range of healthy sitting and office chairs standard are much demanded. Take advantage of our offer of verified products. We compare the prices of chairs with other shops and offer our customers interesting advantages when buying.

New Associate

Posted by on 4. 5. 2019

While Gilbert broke his head with another project for linkbuilding texts, Daniela was talking about the new Ayťák next to the office – Gilbert did not use this expression because he had come in some special way offensive – which began to work for the company before a few Days. He first showed up here today when he went to the kitchen for coffee, and according to Daniels, he was simply a tasty bite.
SEO Management
Gilbert had imagined a poor, twenty-year-old student who had to face their one hundred and twenty-kilo colleague, and chuckled a bit. If she was equally affected and insincere, as it always is, poor technician now has to think about the entire copywriter department by the whole SEO agency. And he hasn't met the consultants yet.

Why not to wish a comfortable session

Posted by on 4. 5. 2019

The work from home attracts us mainly with its time flexibility and the possibility to make a nice job. Unfortunately, they often have to be away from a desk or computer. Is your computer sitting uncomfortable? Don't just let it get tired of your body! You're asking how? The answer is a new office chair!

In order to have office furniture at home we do not necessarily have to be officials… If we have a tired body and a broken cervical spine from sitting at the computer, the right office chairs will help us! Work peacefully at home, relax with games, but be healthy!
Chair selection
We probably spend the most time choosing a suitable chair. We will look after the price, but also the material and quality. There is also a cloth padded office chair! Choose from what will best fit into the interior of your apartment!

Give a sore back

Posted by on 4. 5. 2019

Give a sore back and invest in a chair that will save your musculoskeletal and sitting behind your desk will become a much more enjoyable experience than ever before. An extra office chair can enrich your interior by taking into account its chosen design, it can become a useful, but also a suitable complement to your home or office.
If you prefer trendy style, you will surely be your choice of office chair, which will match all your demands on its color and material design by its execution. The ergonomic shape is then chosen according to how it will copy your physical proportions or the expected load of the chair itself. If you spend only a few hours on your computer, you will surely choose different criteria for your choice than the one who expects the office chair to become his daily companion after long hours spent behind the desk.
We have an assortment that will surprise everyone
This is due to its abundance, but also a wide range of possible types of chairs from which you can choose. Browse through our online store section that you like and you will surely find what you are looking for.


Posted by on 4. 5. 2019

Do you need a low-plowed-up strech over your head or a temporary or permanent? Then, visit our site and prezrite your mobile home! Ponúkame modern Bývanie with a maximum of comfort and satisfaction! We will be going To give you a little viac price! Please visit us and we guarantee that you will choose!
Equipment, the Messenger!
In the mobile home SA štandardne inštaluje all kinds of zariadenia to life and a bull! In the dark, the kitchen, the socio Zariadenie or the living IA IZBA with TV or radio! The right one, the "building" and the use of your working ground! There's a way to get the interior up to a good job! Kaderníctvo, Občerstvenie, Predajňa, office and Ďalšie! The possibilities are very well! We guarantee that you will be satisfied with this type of befits and you will be the most satisfying!

Support Erection only healthily

Posted by on 4. 5. 2019

We bring you a great selection of preparation for increasing and durability of erection. After the first week you will be able to find the first signs of its effect. For example, strong erection of your penis in the morning when waking up and satisfaction with erections.
If your maleness is becoming more frequent and no longer disturbing, we recommend that you order our cure for a full 60 days. It is enough to take one capsule a day and you will be able to check on 100% of your erection and their duration.
Sexual power and Energy
So, with this new American product, you can regain the sexual power that will impress your partners. Moreover, using your renewed masculine, your energy, your erection, your insecurity, and your male self-confidence, this will be an opportunity for the seduction and conquest of many women.

Mácha Lake

Posted by on 4. 5. 2019

Do you travel every year for a holiday and you already have almost all of Bohemia? Have you visited the famous Mácha lake? If not, you have the highest time. With our help you get here right away. Call now.

Although you could have visited Mácha Lake several times, it can surprise you with something new. Especially the various recreation centers, which are located in its surroundings, are increasingly expanding and modernising their services and equipment. This, of course, also applies to our complex. Come and see for yourself what high level we stand for. The most important information for you is that a regular walk takes you to the lake in just 15 minutes.

Karel Hynek Mácha

Perhaps every little child knows who it was Karel Hynek Mácha. Czech poet, also novelist, founder of modern Czech poetry and a super of Czech romanticism, with which the Mácha lake is closely connected.

Sales Ltd.

Posted by on 4. 5. 2019

Sales Ltd. We offer abroad and all our ready-made companies are our own. We can guarantee their wholesome safety. We will arrange everything for you without having to travel anywhere. All documents for the incorporation of the company abroad are signed by the Czech notary.
From the very beginning of the creation of our company we focus on providing services, Sales Ltd. and setting up companies abroad. We can design corporate structure in terms of optimisation of tax burden or legal protection of assets.
Founding a company abroad
Our professionals are professionally and linguistically equipped and have extensive experience in the establishment of the company and
Sales Ltd. abroad (anonymity of the owners, international transport, online casinos, etc.). In tax optimisation, we will strive to find a meaningful and effective solution together with you.