Listen to music that doesn’t have an error

Posted by on 4. 5. 2019

Are you looking for a radio that will offer you a great portion of Czech music all day, information service in the form of news, current weather forecast, traffic situation and interesting topics of the day? Radio Impuls can afford you all this and much more.
The radio should not be missing in any car, in the kitchen, in the garden and wherever it is simply needed. When listening to the radio, everything is done better and you have a cheerful mood thanks to the great Czech songs that flow up to you. The Impuls radio is available to you all day, and also gives you an unlimited portion of fabulous entertainment all day.
Czech hits
Do you prefer to listen to classic Czech hits than songs of foreign music scene? So the Pulse radio is the best thing you can tune in. Listen to Czech songs and enjoy the right well-being.

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