17 Boyfriend Text Messages That Will Make Him Fall In Love All Over Again

Posted by on 28. 8. 2020

When a girl can’t be with her guy, she can always text him. When she’s away from him, sending just the right text message will send shivers up his spine and make him remember why he loves her so much. If you want to let your special someone understand just how much you miss him, try sending a boyfriend text message. He’ll be missing you and wanting to be with you.

1. I am so lucky to be your girl!

2. You are my prince, and I am your princess.

3. Just the thought of you and I get so hot. Can’t wait to see you.

4. Want me to order in some food for after?

5. I think we should schedule some time for our lips to meet up and have a long conversation.

6. The only thing I want right now is to spend some cuddling time with you.

7. I know you just left, but I miss you already!

8. I know a great way to work out. Want to have a session and burn some calories.

9. I can’t believe I met you. What are the odds that the two of us could find each other?

10. I am trying to fall asleep, but my bed feels so cold. Wish you were here to warm me up.

11. I adore being with you. I feel that I am my true self when I am around you.

12. I have butterflies in my stomach every time I know we will see each other.

13. You really make me think. I love the fact that you are so smart.

14. When I saw your Instagram feed the other day, I thought you were handsome enough to be a model.

15. Thanks for dealing with that mouse for me the other day. You are my hero.

16. You make being alive a true adventure.

17. Whenever I get a text message from you, I start smiling like an idiot.

Don’t be shy when you text him. Take the time to tell him how your truly feels. In just a few characters, girls can let their boyfriends know how much they mean to them. It’s the best way to let him know how much he matters.

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